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Projectes finançats externament

Projectes Finançats per la Unió Europea

Projectes Erasmus

EMJMD 2019 Beques Erasmus Mundus del Màster en Arqueologia del Quaternari i Evolució Humana - International Erasmus Master in Quaternary and Prehistory 2019-2021 (610531-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA1-JMD-MOB)
HEI4Diversity Building Capacities to Prevent and Respond to any Form of Violence against the LGBTQI+ community in Higher Education Institutions in Europe (2019-1-ES01-KA203-064121)
SUCTIA Systemic University Change Towards Internationalisation for Academics (2019-1-PL01-KA203-065656)
VITAGLOBAL A Global Network for Agricultural Sciences and Viniviticulture: Internationalising through Joint Programmes (598507)
  Higher education student and staff mobility project (2018-1-ES01-KA103-048036)
EASIMS InnovativE trAining Solution for implementing Integrated Management System (IMS) in SME (2018-1-ES01-KA202-050334)
RRIL Responsible Research & Innovation Learning (2018-1-ES01-KA203-050890)
EuroTeCH European Technologies for the safeguard of Cultural Heritage at risk (2018-1-IT02-KA203-048448)
EMJD 2017 Beques Erasmus Mundus del Doctorat en Arqueologia del Quaternari i Evolució Humana - International Doctorate in Quaternary and Prehistory IDQP Any 2017 (532443-EM-5-2017-1-IT-ERA MUNDUS-EPJD)
SPIN SPort for Inclusion (579630)
VALUE PLUS VAlidating Learning oUtcomes of caregivers in Europe Plus (2017-1-IT01-KA202-006253)
SUMCULA Sustainable Management of Cultural Landscapes (2017-1-SE01-KA203-034570)
IN.K.A.M.S. International Key Account Management & Sales (2017-1-IT02-KA203-036707)
ESPRIT The challenges of the European Union in the social agenda: poverty, inequality and social inclusion (587861)
EMEU L'Encyclopedie des Migrants - Une grande entreprise pédagogique collective de partage d'expériences et de savoirs sur le thème des migrations en Europe (2015-1-FR01-KA204-014905)
TEEDE Towards Excellence in Engineering Curricula for Dual Education (573896)
StratApp Gamifying Academic English Skills in Higher Education: Reading Academic English App (2016-1-ES01-KA203-025164)
SUCTI Systemic University Change Towards Internationalization (2016-1-ES01-KA203-025646)
WELCOME Towards incoming international university communities (573655)
BOOST Boosting Armenian Universities Internationalisation Strategy and Marketing (573975)
ROAD Regional Objectives of Administrative Development (574243)
WINTOUR EMJMD on Wine Tourism Innovation (564513)

 Projectes H2020

NanoUptake Computing infrastructure for the definition, performance testing and implementation of safe-by-design approaches in nanotechnology supply chains (862195)
RIGHTS UP The right to the city and the ambivalence of tourism: A comparative approach to media discourses and social movements' dissent in Venice, Amsterdam and Barcelona (792489)
SoCaTel A multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to Long-Term Care services (769975)
SEAFOODTOMORROW Nutritious, safe and sustainable seafood for consumers of tomorrow (773400)
INTERWASTE Synergising International Research Studies into the Environmental Fate and Behaviour of Toxic Organic Chemicals in the Waste Stream (734522)
PoCOsteo PoC in-office device for identifying individuals at high risk of Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fracture (767325)
NEUROSOME Exploring the Neurological Exposome (766251)
MFP-COFUND Martí i Franquès COFUND (713679)
SMARTMEM-URV Stimuli-responsive Membranes for consumer goods sustainability (675624)
INTEGROIL Demonstration of a Decision Support System for a Novel Integrated Solution aimed at Water Reuse in the OilGas Industry (688989)
CANVAS Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity (700540)
GABLE GAmification for a BEtter Life (732363)
ChroMe Chromatin and Metabolism. Chromatin-metabolism interactions as targets for healthy living (675610)
ERA4CS European Research Area for Climate Services (690462)
TROPSENSE Development of a non-invassive breath test for early diagnosis of tropical diseases (645758)
ENLIGHTMENT Photonic Electrodes for Enhanced Light Management in Optoelectronic Devices (637116)
ProPAT Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations (637232)
EuroMix European Test and Risk Assessment Strategies for Mixtures (633172)
DOMINO Design Oriented ModellINg for flexible electrOnics (645760)

Altres Projectes

vWISE Vine and Wine Innovation through Scientific Exchange (872394)
SoBigData++ European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics (871042)
SMARTDEST Cities as mobility hubs: tackling social exclusion through 'smart' citizen engagement (870753)
CONNEKT CONtexts of extremism iN mEna and balKan socieTies (870772)
CCIMC Coordination chemistry inspires molecular catalysis (860322)
SAVASCO StructurAtion d'une filière de Valorisation transfrontalière des tiges de mAïs et de tourneSol pour la Construction (SAVASCO) (EFA353/19)
SHIINE Multi-disciplinary innovation for social change (CA18236)
PROBE PROfiling the atmospheric Boundary layer at European scale (CA18235)
MAT-DYN-NET Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on network (CA18232)
HARMONY Novel tools for test evaluation and disease prevalence estimation (CA18208)
Multi3Generation Multi-task, Multilingual, Multi-modal Language Generation (CA18231)
WATERTOP Taste and Odor in early diagnosis of source and drinking Water Problems (CA18225)
GliMR Glioma MR Imaging 2.0 (CA18206)
HFSP grant Controlling cellular biochemistry with electronic signals - a step towards bioelectronic hybrids (RGP0002/2018)
MyWAVE European network for advancing Electromagnetic hyperthermic medical technologies (CA17115)
INDECIS Integrated approach for the development across Europe for user oriented climate indicators for GFCS high-priority sectors: agriculture, disaster risk reduction, energy, health, water and tourism (690462)
NanoDESK Herramientas web avanzadas para la promoción de la aplicación de la nanotecnología y el uso seguro de nanomateriales en el sector del plástico (SOE1/P1/E0215)
MULTILINGUALISM Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies
REP-EAT Food quality and food innovative strategies to prevent reproductive and eating disorders (713714)
USVSV Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence (USVSV): Training for Sustainable Student Services (JUST/2014/SPOB/AG/VICT/7401)
EMERGENT ChiplEss MultisEnsor Rfid for GrEen NeTworks (645771)
SALEACOM Overcoming Inequalities in Schools and Learning Communities: Innovative Education for a New Century (645668)
CLARUS A Framework for User Centred Privacy and Security in the Cloud (644024)
IOSTACK Software Defined Storage for Big Data (644182)
LOCATE The Location of Economic Activity in Space: An Intra-city Approach (627114)