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Gender Equality Observatory

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Girls' Day

The School of Engineering of the University and the Gender Equality Observatory organize the Girls’ Day, an open day for promoting engineering as a vocational choice of girls.

The different activities developed during the day make visible those women working in Engineering and ICT. The open day aims to promote as well the joint working teams with both men and women for better performance.

  • Target: girls at the 3rd course of Obligatory Secondary Education interested in Engineering or ICT.

The activities are designed to encourage the girls to choose an occupation even in professional fields that are presently not typically female. Both cohesion and coeducation inspire this open day in order to deconstruct socially assigned roles and sexual work division.

What do we do on the Girls’ Day?

  • Explaining the relevance of being an engineer
  • Letting the girls know the different engineering training in URV
  • Making girls experience in the labs
  • Visiting the campus