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Gender Equality Observatory

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The Equality Observatory of URV was created based on the principles of the Spanish Law of Universities approved on March 2007 and the Law 3/2007 for the Effective Equality between Women and Men. The effective equality is a value which universities have to implement in their structure and functionality as an own objective and they have to transfer it to the society.

The Equality Observatory is the technical institution which implements the measures included in the Equality Plan of URV and it also aims to be an information and dissemination service about inequalities of gender in the university community and in the society.


The functions of Equality Observatory are focused on:

  • Identifying the existent inequalities between men and women
  • Collecting and analyzing relevant information about gender equality
  • Monitoring the situation about equal opportunities in the University over time
  • Promoting and enhancing learning and research on gender
  • Being a centre of expertise, resources and specialized studies

Contact us

  • Inma Pastor, Co Director of Gender Equality Observatory representative of URV rector for effective equality between Men and Women.
  • Víctor Merino, Co Director of Observatory.
  • Virginia Miravé, Technique.
  • Maria Guasch, Administrative assistant.
  • Adress: Campus Catalunya. Edifici D2, despatx 4.30. Avinguda Catalunya, 35. 43002, Tarragona. Location
  • Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday.
  • E-mail: observatori.igualtat(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
  • Telephone number: +34 977 25 61 93
  • Fan Page: www.facebook.com/observatoridelaigualtat
  • Twitter: @Igualtat_URV