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Resultats - Soliz Rueda, Jorge Ricardo

Soliz Rueda, Jorge Ricardo

Tesis Doctorals Dirigides / Theses 
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Publicacions en Revista / Papers 
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Títol: Metabolism disturbance by light/dark cycle switching depends on the rat health status: the role of grape seed flavanols
Autors: Soliz-Rueda, JR; López-Fernández-Sobrino, R; Torres-Fuentes, C; Bravo, FI; Suárez, M; Mulero, M; Muguerza, B
Any: 2023 Clau: Article
Revista: Food & Function
País: N/D
Títol: Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins Mitigate the Disturbances Caused by an Abrupt Photoperiod Change in Healthy and Obese Rats
Autors: Soliz-Rueda JR; López-Fernández-Sobrino R; Bravo FI; Aragonès G; Suarez M; Muguerza B
Any: 2022 Clau: Article
Revista: Nutrients
País: N/D
Títol: Blood Pressure-Lowering Effect of Wine Lees Phenolic Compounds Is Mediated by Endothelial-Derived Factors: Role of Sirtuin 1
Autors: López-Fernández-Sobrino, Raúl; Soliz-Rueda, Jorge R.; Ávila-Román, Javier; Arola-Arnal, Anna; Suárez, Manuel; Muguerza, Begoña; Bravo, Francisca Isabel
Any: 2021 Clau: Article
Revista: Antioxidants
País: N/D
Títol: Phenolic compounds and biological rhythms: Who takes the lead?
Autors: Ávila-Román J; Soliz-Rueda JR; Bravo FI; Aragonès G; Suárez M; Arola-Arnal A; Mulero M; Salvadó MJ; Arola L; Torres-Fuentes C; Muguerza B
Any: 2021 Clau: Review
Revista: Trends In Food Science & Technology
País: N/D
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