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The research activities of the University-Business Chair focuses on the innovative activity of companies within the innovation system. Studies may have a double dimension: a more microeconomic one when analyzing the individual behavior of the agents and, a more macro, when analyzing the aggregate behaviors.

In a more specific way, the fields of interest of the Chair are:

  1. Analyze the determinants of the innovative activity according to the typologies of the Oslo Manual (2005): innovations in product, in process, in marketing and organizational.
  2. Evaluate the impact of innovation in the company, as well as in the territories where they are located. Make comparisons between territories.
  3. Carry out the assessment of public policies on business behavior such as the location of science and technology parks, public subsidies, etc.
  4. Adopt a regional scale through the concept of regional innovation system (the agents that participate in the innovative process in Catalonia).
  5. Adopt a sectoral scale with the concept of sectoral innovation system (the agents that participate in the most significant sectorial and technological groupings: ICT technologies and advanced services aimed at companies, the automotive industry, financial system, etc.)

The results of these works will be published in prestigious international magazines such as Research Policy, Growth and Change, Economics of Innovation and News Technology, Review of Industrial Organization, Small Business Economics and Industry and Innovation.

List of recent publications by the staff attached to the chair:


Jové-Llopis, Elisenda and Segarra-Blasco, Agustí (2020): "Why does eco‐innovation differ in service firms? Some insights from Spain". Business Strategy and the Environment.


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