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Friends of the URV

How can I become a member of Friends of the URV

  • University community: If at any time you have been a member of the University community, all you have to do is fill in the electronic application form in the section Register.
  • General public: If you are an adult but have never been a member of the university community, you must be invited by a current member of the URV (PAS or PDI). This can be done on the intranet, in the section "Friends of the URV".
    If you do not know a member of the URV, you can send us an email(ELIMINAR) and we will inform you how to register.

To register, you need to fill in the form with your personal details and attach a scanned passport photo. At the end of the process, if necessary, you must make the payment electronically.

New! The URV has approved the Iubilo program with the aim of reinforcing the link of the URV's retired staff with the University and offering them a program of their own that will provide services and activities of interest to them. Therefore, if you are retired from the URV (PAS and PDI) and you are interested in being part of the Iubilo program you should contact Mr. Jaume Aymí (coordinator of the Iubilo program management committee) through the mail electronic: jaume.aymi@urv.cat

Friends of the URV card

All members of the programme have a Friends of the URV card, which identifies them and documents their commitment to and collaboration with the URV. The card will be sent to new members by certified mail to the address on the registration form approximately 15-20 days after registration.

How much does it cost?

The quota is annual and the cost can depend on what membership group you belong to (from 0 to 40 €/year). Consult the list of prices for the various membership groups.

How long does it last?

Membership  lasts for a year as from the moment of registration.

Advantages and services

Being a member of the Friends of the URV programme allows you to enjoy advantages and services. For more details, see the section advantages and services.

How can I renew my card?

One month before the annual quota expires, members will be sent an email reminding them that they can renew their membership if they wish to do so. This requires another payment which will give them the right to one more year of membership.

Together we are stronger. The University thanks all members for their support and participation, which enable us to better face the challenges of the future.