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How to enrol in a master's degree step by step

Before beginning the process, you should decide which URV’s master’s degree you are most interested in. To do so, consult the master’s degree offer.

In the description of each master’s degree you will find information about content, professional opportunities and the various tracks that can be followed. Please contact the coordinator if you have any doubts.

Do you fulfil the entrance requirements?

Generally speaking, all students with an undergraduate degree or equivalent are eligible for admission to a master’s degree. If you did your undergraduate degree abroad, then this degree will be accepted for admission as long as it gives the holder the right to access postgraduate programmes in the country where it was issued. Each master’s degree may have other admission requirements (for example, command of languages or professional experience) which will be listed in the description.

If you are currently studying the final year of your bachelor's degree, you can apply to reserve a place on a master's programme. Then when you complete your bachelor's degree, you simply need to inform the Academic Management Service during the registration period.

Bridging courses

In some cases you may be required by the Master’s Degree Committee / Coordination to do some bridging courses: that is to say, subjects that will provide you with specific knowledge and prepare you to complete the master’s degree successfully.