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Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia

The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) represents the strategic union of different organizations and structures involved in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and the productive sector in southern Catalonia. It aims to become an international benchmark in knowledge and competitiveness within the areas of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, tourism, oenology, heritage and culture. It also seeks to become the heart of an authentic region of knowledge that can play a key role in the future growth of the region and in its productive network.

The driving force behind this group is Rovira i Virgili University, an enterprising young university with a well-defined strategic vision that, since 2001, has allowed it to establish a network of research and technology centers that coordinate their activities with the productive and service sectors in the region. It’s a unique opportunity to become a learning region situated in the north-east of Spain, which offers recognized training - with a special emphasis on excellence postgraduate studies – and an excellent research. It is also an entity through which companies have the opportunity to make contacts, to increase their competitiveness and to establish themselves in an environment specializing in five priority areas.

The CEICS gives greater visibility to a strategy that Rovira i Virgili University (URV) has been developing since its foundation. Building on its regional character, it has implemented a policy of identifying the priority areas connected with the socio-economic strengths of its environment. This has allowed it to boost its international profile as a research-based university, while at the same time fostering development in the region. At the core of this whole process for positive change is the interaction between the university, knowledge-generating organizations and the productive sector.

The alliance is made up of Rovira i Virgili University and eight public research bodies renowned in their fields of specialization, Four science and technology parks, four technology centres, the hospitals and the business associations. This Mediterranean campus of knowledge is completed through international and national alliances with other prestigious universities and research centres. The implementation of ambitious and innovative projects will ensure that the CEICS continues to reinforce its already solid profile and consolidates itself as a magnet for international talent.

Studying, researching, working and living in the counties of southern Catalonia is an enormously attractive option. It is a region configured as a multi-centred city and one of the most dynamic areas in Spain as well as one of the most promising and quickly emerging areas in Europe.