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Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia

The Campus of International Excellence Southern Catalonia (CEICS) represents the consolidation of the strategic union of different organisations and structures involved in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and the productive sector in southern Catalonia. It aims to become an international benchmark in the areas of chemistry and energy, nutrition and health, tourism, oenology, heritage and culture.

Since 2001, driven by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, this group has established a network of research and technology centres and institutions from the production and care sectors. CEICS has given the territory a unique opportunity to become a region of knowledge which offers recognised training and excellent research. It is also a region where companies make contacts, increase their competitiveness and establish themselves in an environment specialising in the five priority areas.

The CEICS project was given the award of "Promising project" in the 2009 call by the Spanish Ministry of Education for Campuses of International Excellence. In 2010, CEICS was recognised as a Campus of International Excellence at a European regional level. Since then, CEICS has given greater impetus to the strategy that the URV has been implementing since its inception.

Building on its status as a regional university, the URV has implemented a policy of identifying the priority areas connected with the socio-economic strengths of its environment. This has allowed it to boost its international profile as a research-based university, while at the same time fostering development in the region.