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We all go through bad moments when everything seems to be going wrong. Sometimes we are sad, we feel tired, worry and anxiety stop us from relating to others and we become withdrawn. If you are an international student these situations can be even more difficult because you do not have the same level of local support. And if you are unable to get support, it may affect your emotional wellbeing and academic performance.

If you would like to speak to us, we can offer you guidance and help you to overcome your difficulties.

The Counselling Unit is a free and confidential service for URV students. We help students to adjust to university life, strengthen their emotional wellbeing, improve their academic performance and decide if they would benefit from some form of treatment.

  • What we offer?
    • Confidential and professional care
    • Up to 3 counselling sessions
    • Guidance regarding various public and private treatment options
  • What we don't offer?
    • A substitute for psychological therapy
    • A substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment
    • Comprehensive therapy for individual specific cases

Before you ask for an appointment, remember that:

You must be punctual and, if you cannot attend your appointment, you must cancel it at least 24 hours in advance. The number of appointments and therapists is limited, so if you do not attend your appointment, you will also prevent someone else from using the service.