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URV Alumni

Advantages and services

Remember that to enjoy the advantages and services associated with the Alumni URV community you have to be enrolled in the URV Alumni Program!

In accordance with the URV's Covid-19 Contingency Plan, URV Alumni who wish to access URV/FURV facilities in person to enjoy a service, benefit or activity must fill in and sign, in advance, the following Statement of Responsibility and send it by email to alumni@urv.cat


  • Ocupació URV:
    • The URV’s Job Bank
    • Career counselling: now also in virtual!
    • University Employment Fair
  • Alumni URV:
  • URV Emprèn:
    • Entrepreneurship and creation of business
    • Awareness and training sessions.

More information



  • Access to CRAI facilities*
  • Consultation of the documentary fund.
  • Bibliographic information and services of the CRAI and the URV offer.
  • Document loan service according to current regulations. (see the URV CRAI Loan Service Regulations)
  • Interlibrary loan service and obtaining documents.
  • Digital Library of the URV: access and consultation service in the Digital Library of the URV (electronic resources and/or databases). Access from campus CRAI.
  • Access to CRAI virtual services.
  • Self-service of photocopies, reproduction of documents, respecting the current regulations of the intellectual property.
  • Access to the computer classroom and computers available to users, after validation with username and password.
  • Access to the wifi network (wifi CRAI) as a member Alumni URV, always from the facilities of the CRAI. Information to access. 
  • Pregunt@ Service: virtual information service of the CRAI that solves any question about services, resources, organization, activities and operation of the URV and the CRAI. Access 


  • For the academic year 2020-21, access these courses at the same price as the university community:
    • English courses of level 1 (A1) at level 6 (C1.1)
    • All French and Italian courses (A1 to B1)
    • Parla.cat online Catalan courses (A2 to C1)
    • Specific Catalan courses

Information about courses


  • Possibility to join URV Sports paying an annual fee of 26€ (includes T-shirt gift).
  • Participation in sports activities:     
    • Solidarity Race     
    • Canoeing at the CTE (different price depending on whether you are registered or not)   
    • UNIRUN     
    • UNITENNIS circuit ​*
    • URV skiing*
  • Participation in the University Indoor Football League of the URV* 
    • Possibility to be part of a student team (maximum 2 students per team).
    • Possibility to create a complete team of registered Alumni URV (only one team per league).
  • Assistance to talks on sport and health (depending on the available places).


  • URV Solidària
    • Participation in awareness activities.
    • Support in the organization of awareness, solidarity and incidence activities.
    • Training in international development cooperation.
    • Participation in the Program "Collaborate in an International Cooperation project".
    • Participation in the convocation of the URV Solidarity Committee for internal development cooperation projects aimed at the members of the University Community. ​​
  • Volunteer Office​
    • Advice on projects and associations seeking volunteers.
    • Participation in volunteer activities.


  • URV cultural groups.
  • Choir, Orchestra and Choral Society.
  • Participation in the Alula de Cine URV. If you like cinema join the club and share your hobby with other students. You can register by sending an email to aulacinema@urv.cat.
  • Workshops and activities organized by the Theatre Group.


  • Digital Services:
    • Alumni email (@ alumni.urv.cat).
    • Office 365 Online.
    • Teams.
    • Access to the Alumni URV intranet.
    • Alumni virtual card (pending activation)

More information (access to digital services, user manuals, etc.).

  • Other advantages:
    • URV Publications: access to articles and books free of charge (can be downloaded and shared without registering). 
    • Access to the URV Housing Exchange
Oferta Especial, Descuento, Oferta, Especial, Venta


  • Discounts:
    • 10% discount to the URV Store.
    • 10% discount on physiotherapy treatments and biomechanical cycling studies by Nacho Ara Pérez (URV Alumni graduated in Physiotherapy).
    • 20% discount on personal, work, academic and sports coaching services by Tomas de Jesús Vaquero (URV Alumni with a Diploma in Personal and Organizational Coaching from the FURV).
  • URV's Store
  • 977297070
  • Nacho Ara Physiotherapy
  • Coach Tomás de Jesús