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URV Alumni

URV Alumni community

Who can be a part?

All those who have an official university certificate at the URV or a master's and postgraduate certificate issued by the URV. Also included are people who studied all your degree at URV centers before they were created and the people graduate of affiliated centers and the Inserlab program.

If you a URV graduate you can join the Alumni URV Program and join the Alumni community!

If you are not a graduate of the URV but wish to have a link with the University, you can join the programme Friends of the URV. Consult the advantages and services.

Is there a procedure to be part of Alumni URV Program?

You just need to make the online registration form! It's 2 minutes!
In addition, if you sign up for the URV Alumni Program, we will give you a welcome bag to the Alumni community! Once registered, you can to come to the Student Office to pick it up! If you are not doing well contact us and we will look for other options to give you the bag.

If you have passed all the credits for your degree but you have not yet requested the issuance of your degree certificate, we recommend that you ask the secretary of your faculty/school which steps you need to follow to request the certificate because you need this document in order be a member of URV Alumni.

As a recent graduate, once you are applying for the issuance of your degree through the corresponding online procedure, you can also register for the URV Alumni program, in which case you only have to make a check, so easy! Consult the administrative procedure for requesting a degree certificate.

How much does it cost to join URV Alumni Program?

No! It is free and if you are a part of it you will be able to enjoy the benefits and services that we offer members of the Alumni community.

Join! We want to continue growing with you!

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