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Master in entrepreneurship and innovation

The masters form university students who, apart from their academic specialization, want to have a deep knowledge of the economic, accounting, financial, organizational and market studies essential to create an innovative company.

The proposal has a clear transversal vocation and its general objective is twofold: from the professional point of view, it encourages the learning of project management techniques and strategic planning in innovative contexts, from the personal perspective, encourages teamwork and The ethical leadership in the future entrepreneurs who are committed to change and innovation.

In the current social and economic situation, the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship becomes a key strategy for moving towards a more sustainable economic model that is more focused on human capital. That is why this master's degree is a very timely postgraduate offer for the thematic and strategic role of the figure of the innovative entrepreneur.

Link informative document of the master's degree: infomei.

We share with you the interview to our foreign students:“The Master’s Degree allows us to see what innovation means in...

Departures and scheduled days:


  • Thursday April 26: Economics Symposium on "e-sports". Act with Carlos Murillo, expert in sports economics; Jordi Roqué, businessman in e-sports.
  • Tuesday, April 24: VISITS at Club Coworking (La Selva del Camp).
  • Wednesday April 18: VISIT ICIQ (Catalan Institute for Chemical Research) and CTQC (Technological Center of Chemistry in Catalonia).
  • Tuesday, April 17: VISIT at the Mas Vicenç Winery (Cabra del Camp).
  • Tuesday April 17: VISITS FOOD FAIR 2018.
  • Wednesday April 11: Talk about start-ups by Pere Condom, director of the Catalunya Emprèn program of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Wednesday April 4: Presentation report "Mergers and acquisitions: the case of the software industry in Catalonia" by Carles Méndez.


  • Thursday November 11: Assistance to IFEST 2017.