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Master's degrees > Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign/Second Language

Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign/Second Language - 6th edition

Career opportunities

The obvious area in which the graduates from this programme can work is English language teaching at all levels. In general, language teaching provides students with multidisciplinary training in the humanities which prepares them for all sorts of activities involving the transmission of cultural knowledge. The future master's degree graduates will be qualified to work in the following fields:

  • Language teaching
    • English teachers abroad in both private and state-run institutions.
    • English teachers for specific purposes in private companies, multinationals and international agencies.
    • Teachers of other subjects in English for bilingual institutions.
    • Heads or heads of studies in schools.
    • English language assistants in foreign universities.
    • English language teachers in secondary schools.
    • Language advisors for schools, publishers, or other public and private companies.
    • University lecturers at graduate or postgraduate level.
    • Researcher into teaching- learning English.
    • Author of text books for learning English in publishers and similar companies.
    • Author of teaching materials - online language learning for publishers and similar companies.
    • Educational advisor in schools, publishers and other public or private institutions.
    • English teachers in private and state-run language teaching institutions in Spain (Official School of Languages, language services, language academies, adult education, etc). Teachers in Spain must hold the Master's degree in Training for Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education and Upper Secondary Education, Professional Training and Language Teaching
  • Research and knowledge transfer in interdisciplinary research groups
  • Language and cultural mediation in public or private institutions
  • Tourism
  • Translation
  • Publishing

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