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University Master's Degree in Professional English-Spanish Translation - 9th edition

University Master's Degree in Professional English-Spanish Translation

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We would like to thank Phrase for granting us free access to their platform through the Phrase Academic Edition.

External practices

Work placements are an obligatory component of the Master's in Professional English-Spanish Translation. They are designed to give our students real-world experience in a language-based company or institutional service where they can apply and extend the skills they acquire on the programme.

The work placements are conducted during the second semester. Although the number of weeks students spend on a placement may vary, all placements must comprise the required 60 hours.

We have entered work-placement agreements with translation companies in Tarragona, Reus and Barcelona, as well as with a range of university services that require expertise in foreign languages. In principle, the work is unpaid, but all students receive detailed feedback on their performance from their employers.

Students may arrange work placements outside Spain, but must ensure that all appropriate agreements are signed before their placement begins. In previous years such arrangements have been made with translation companies in the United Kingdom, India and Germany.

Master's degree final project

There is a single call for the Master's degree final project, which must be completed by June.

Guide to Master’s Theses at the Faculty of Arts of the URV.


Mobility is optional. Check the list of mobility agreements here.


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