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University Master's Degree in Business Management - 10th edition

University Master's Degree in Business Management


Lidia Vives

Sales and online development officer for the business unit at Prat International Brands SL.

“The URV Master’s in Business Administration gave me the strategic vision that is so necessary when taking decisions in the business world. As a sales manager in a totally changing digital environment, in recent months I have seen the importance of having the ability to make decisions in the strategic field. This Master’s undoubtedly provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to acquire that ability.”

Juan Pedro Lucanera

Partner in consulting firm Oikos Analistas and lecturer at Universidad Provincial del Sudoeste (UPSO)

“The URV Master’s gave me tools that enabled me to grow academically and professionally. From the professional perspective, it gave me a critical insight into the decision-making processes of the companies I advise. The subjects taught on the Master’s provide a highly accurate vision of theoretical concepts applied to practical cases. This helps students to understand business realities better and therefore help companies to perform better commercially, economically and financially. In addition, the academic, professional and personal qualities of the professors who teach at the URV are undoubtedly important factors for anyone considering studying at this university”

Valeria Ferreira

European Union COFUND Fellow PhD Candidate

“The URV Master’s in Business Management was a great choice. Their professional approach helps you to further your business knowledge and competences and compete strategically in the jobs market. At the same time, the research option gave me new opportunities, such as participating in the COFUND project, a programme funded by the European Union that has enabled me to conduct research at the highest level.”

Gerard Cabré

Entrepreneur and test engineer at the Lear Corporation

“The URV Master’s in Business Management enabled me to lay the foundations I need to guide my career in the business world.”