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Service Learning in the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering


  • Coordination: Clara Salueña Pérez (clara.saluena(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Social Gardens of the URV.
  • Summary: This experience offers students the opportunity to get involved in the practical side of the subject Hydraulics, working in teams that have to rise to the challenges of the distribution and management of irrigation water in the Social Gardens of the URV. More specifically, they have to design a cistern that uses natural resources (river water) for maintaining orchards. Los Huertos is an environmental and social innovation project, which involves the joint participation of members of the university community with socially vulnerable groups and integrates environmental protection, conservation and sustainability. Bearing in mind the water needs of the orchards and the rainfall of Tarragona, a 50,000-liter cistern was designed and its location was decided. The collector, the pipes and the pumping equipment were designed and the budget was drawn up.

Mechanical technology

  • Coordination: Albert Fabregat Sanjuan (a.fabregat(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: El Palau Secondary School Compte de Rius Secondary School, Pere Martell Secondary School.
  • Summary:
  • In this SL experience, the students on the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering design a piece of equipment and its manufacturing process so that subsequently students on the Intermediate Training Cycle (CFGM) of Mechanical Manufacturing and Welding at the El Palau School manufacture it as an end-of-year project. This project has benefits for both parties. On the one hand, undergraduate students have the opportunity to build the equipment they have designed, under the supervision of expert teaching staff. On the other hand, CFGM students will be able to do a final project with the collaboration of undergraduate students. With this project, both sets of students are stimulated, the approach to learning is more suited to the European Higher Education Area and the URV puts into practice its third mission.
  • URV Board of Trustees Award 2018 for Teaching Quality for the project Teaching with added value. Individual mode. Professor Albert Fabregat. Sanjuan.