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How can you participate?



Community organizations

  • By sending us proposals for service learning projects.
  • By accepting proposals put forward by the University.

Would you like to help financially with the Service Learning Programme?

  • We contribute to the training of a generation of citizens and professionals with a strong social commitment.  
  • We propose an innovative programme that encourages student, community and professionals to improve the environment.     
  • We carry out recognized service learning experiences in both undergraduate and graduated programmes in all areas of knowledge of our university: Architecture and Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Law.     
  • We work with many different organizations and institutions such as NGOs, associations, non-profit organizations, federations, foundations, civic platforms, nursing homes, municipalities, schools and other public bodies.
  • Contact us! Thank you very much for helping!
  • Call us: 977 558 665