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Master's and postgraduate courses

Master's and postgraduate courses Mode Language ECTS
Ageing and Health blended CA/ES/EN 60
Applied Chromatographic Techniques face-to-face CA/ES/EN 60

Artificial Intelligence

face-to-face EN 90
Business Management face-to-face ES 60
Business and Contractual Law face-to-face/online ES 60
Chemical Engineering face-to-face EN 90
Classical Archaeology face-to-face CA/ES 90
Cognitive Science and Language face-to-face EN/CA/ES 60
Computational Fluid Dynamics(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) online ES 60
Computer Engineering and Mathematics online CA/ES/EN 60
Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence face-to-face/online EN 60
Criminal Justice System blended ES 60
Educational Technology: E-Learning and Knowledge Management online ES/EN 60
Electric Vehicle Technologies(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) blended CA/ES/EN 60

Electronic Systems Engineering and Technology (2017-18 last course)

face-to-face EN 60
Entrepreneurship and Innovation face-to-face ES 60
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy face-to-face EN 90

Environmental Law

online ES 120

Erasmus Mundus Master on Wine Tourism Innovation (WINTOUR)

face-to-face EN 120

Fermented Beverages

face-to-face ES/CA/EN 60
Fluid Thermodynamics Engineering face-to-face ES 60

Forensic Genetics, Physics and Chemistry

face-to-face CA/ES 60

General Health Psychology

face-to-face CA/ES 90

Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Factors in Growth and Development

blended CA/ES/EN 60
Industrial Engineering face-to-face CA/ES/EN 120
International Markets face-to-face EN 60
Innovation on Social and Educational Intervention(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) blended CA/ES 60
Law of Public Administration(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) blended/on-line ES 60
Technology and Engineering Management face-to-face EN 60
Management of Tourism Destinations blended ES/EN 60

Medical Anthropology and Global Health

face-to-face CA/ES/EN 120

Medieval European Identity

online CA/ES/EN 60
Mountain Areas Management(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) blended CA/ES 60
Music as an Interdisciplinary Art face-to-face CA/ES/EN 60
Nanoscience, Materials and Processes: Chemical Technology at the Frontier face-to-face EN 60
Neurosciences face-to-face CA/ES 60
Nervous System Sciences: Neurotoxicology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Neurorehabilitation blended/online ES/EN 60
Nutrition and Metabolism face-to-face ES 60
Occupational Risk Prevention blended CA/ES 60
Practice of Law face-to-face CA/ES 90

Professional English-Spanish Translation

blended ES/EN 60

Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution 

face-to-face CA/ES/EN 120
Research and Innovation in Humanities and Social Sciences(ELIMINAR)* (new 2018-19 master's degree) face-to-face CA/ES/EN 60
Research in the Nursing Sciences face-to-face/on-line CA/ES 60
Security of the Information and Communication Technologies online CA/ES 60

Strategic Communication in the Risk Society

face-to-face ES/EN 60
Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design face-to-face EN 60

Teaching Languages: Spanish as a Foreign Language

face-to-face ES 60

Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign/Second Language

blended EN 60

Territorial Analysis and Management: Planning, Governance, and Territorial Leadership

blended ES 60
Training for Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education and upper Secondary Educatin, Professional Training and Language Teaching  face-to-face CA/ES 60
Urban Anthropology, Migrations and Social Intervention blended CA/ES 90

Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies

face-to-face/online CA/ES 90
Youth and Society face-to-face CA/ES 60

*New 2018-19 master’s degree pending of verification.

Master's degrees that do not reach the minimum number of students will not be taught.