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Master's degrees

What can you get from a URV master's degree?

More and better professional opportunities

According to the URV’s Employment Observatory, studying a master’s degree at the URV increases your chances of finding a job by 50%, and makes it easier to find jobs that are only available to the most highly qualified.

The URV, a local university with a considerable international impact

  • The URV is a university that is committed to its environment: one of the main features of its mission is to promote the transformation and the socio-economic progress of the region.
  • At the same time, it is becoming a hub of international talent, and international postgraduate students are now 30% of the whole student body.

Quality, excellence and productivity in research

  • In 2013 the Southern Catalonia Campus of International Excellence was awarded the highest score (A-Good Progress) in recognition of the progress it has made.
  • The URV is the fourth university in Spain in terms of its impact according to the SIR World Report 2013.