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Master's and postgraduate courses

Our aim is to offer the best education so that, along with your motivation and our experience, you can create the future you wish for.

What about you, how do you picture your future at URV?

  • A future at URV means learning with participation and a close relation.
  • A future at URV means increasing your job opportunities.
  • A future at URV means opening up to the world.
  • A future at URV means benefiting from quality education.
  • A future at URV means cutting-edge research.

Close relations and participation

We offer a personalised service, reduced groups, individual tutoring sessions and a close relationship with the teachers.

We use learning methodologies that are innovative and participative which will allow you to put into practice your knowledge in real situations of the working environment.

You will receive a transversal education which, as well as mastering the specific contents of the programme, will allow you to acquire other knowledge and useful skills for your professional future such as working in teams, making the most of new technologies, communicating adequately in different situations and resolving problems in a critical, creative and innovative manner.


The master's programmes are designed keeping in mind the latest social trends of each field, so that you can learn the most useful skills for your professional future.

All the master's degrees offer the possibility to do an internship in companies and institutions of their specific field.

Our career guidance department offers you personalised advice.

If you are already working, you can choose among a wide range of professionalising programmes which are designed to make it easier for you to combine studies and work.


We have a clear international perspective. The past few years we have undergone a steady increase in the number of international projects, activities, professors and students.

Our programmes are designed for you to build your professional career in an international context.

28% of our students coursing a master's degree or PhD programme are international, mainly coming from Latin America, the European Union and Asia.


With only 25 years' experience, we have managed to make our way in the international rankings among the best universities in the world.

Cutting-edge research

More than 1,000 researchers from 142 research groups, work to increase knowledge and answer the challenges of our society in collaboration with other international institutions.

The URV is the second university in Spain with the highest impact in the field of research, according to the 2014 edition of the SCImago Institutions Rankings.