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Social media

The URV invites you to keep up with and participate in the university’s activities via our social media accounts. In this directory you will find links to the university’s general social media accounts and to the specific accounts of the different units and services.

URV Profiles


Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Cinema Society        
International Center (I-Center)      
Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI)        
Esports URV  
URV Foundation    
Llengües URV      
Equality Observatory      
Ocupació URV      
URV Emprèn      
URV Solidària        


Erasmus Mundus Master on Wine Tourism Innovation (WINTOUR)      
Communication Studies        
Bachelor's Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning        
Inter-university Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology        
Master's Degree in Strategic Communication in the Risk Society (Masterdec)      
MBA URV      

Faculties and schools

Faculty of Chemistry      
Faculty of Business and Economics        
Faculty of Oenology        
Faculty of Tourism and Geography    
School of Architecture    
School of Engineering      
Centre for Hispanic Studies      


Centre for Climate Change (C3)      
ComCiència, South Catalonia Scientific Communication Unit      
Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (GRATET)        
Protohistory and Archaeology Seminar Research Group (GRESEPIA)    
Ancient Topography Seminar (Setopant)        
Cinema Research Group