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University Master's degree in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design - 5th edition

This master's degree provides students with in-depth theoretical knowledge of the field and new techniques in product synthesis, catalyst development, management of environment-friendly chemical processes, and computational design. It is primarily research-oriented, so graduates will be able to undertake research, development and innovation in industry. The general objectives are the following:

 i) To provide high-level scientific training in the fields of: molecular synthesis, catalysis and design, so that graduates can undertake doctoral studies and pursue a scientific or academic career.

ii) To provide graduates with a capacity for innovation and the necessary skills to synthesise sustainable chemical products and processes in the professional world.

The aims of the courses are the following:

- To enable students to use synthetic methodologies and design ways of obtaining new products with the tools of computational chemistry.

- To familiarise students with modern techniques for characterising molecular compounds, surfaces and solids.

- To provide tools for understanding the most advanced principles and applications of catalysis.

- To train students to design chemical processes on a laboratory or industrial scale through channels that meet the standards of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

- To provide students who wish to undertake doctoral studies with more advanced, specific knlowledge relevant to their research: synthesis, catalysis or modelling.

Career opportunities

The master's degree is primarily research-oriented but is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in the manufacturing sector. It provides the following career opportunities:

  • Doctoral studies.
  • Leading sectors of production that have interdisciplinary research groups. The spectrum is broad, as most industrial processes require catalysts. However, the sectors with which the master's degree is most involved are fine chemicals in general: synthesis of intermediates, pharmaceutical chemistry, agricultural chemistry, plant protection products and synthesis of polymers and smart materials. Graduates will be able to design and develop new products and processes in chemical companies in general.
Master's Degree in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Track Research
Type Face-to-face
Timetable Morning and afternoon

It is not compulsory. There are agreements with European universities and companies so that students can carry out their master's degree thesis. There is also an institutional agreement with the Unicat Cluster of Berlin.

Language of instruction English
Percentage of employability 100%
Collaborating institutions Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ)
Places available  30

Faculty of Chemistry

Master's degree website Master's degree in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design
Associated doctoral programme Chemical Science and Technology
Course dates Classes are held from October to June
Master's degree thesis June and September
Academic coordinator Dr. Sergio Castillón Miranda  /  Dr. Antonio M. Echavarren
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Master's Office

(+34) 977.779.944


Specific grants for this master's degree ICIQ- Departments of Chemistry
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