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URV Alumni

Advantages and services

Professional development and careers advice

  • The URV’s Job Bank
  • Career counselling
  • University Employment Forum
  • Entrepreneurship and creation of business

More information

Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI)

  • Access to the CRAI*.
  • Bibliographic and services information of the CRAI and the URV.
  • Self-access tools on the website.
  • Interlibrary loan service and document supply (university community user tariff).
  • Self-service photocopying or reproduction of documents in compliance with intellectual property law.

*On presentation of the URV card, copy of registration document or copy of degree certificate.


  • For the academic year 2018-19, access these courses at the same price as the university community:
    • English courses of level 1 (A1) at level 6 (C1.1)
    • All French and Italian courses (A1 to B1)
    • Parla.cat online Catalan courses (A2 to C1)
    • Specific Catalan courses

Information about courses

Sport and health

  • Participation in sports activities:     
    • Solidarity Race     
    • Canoeing at the CTE     
    • UNIRUN     
    • UNITENNIS circuit
  • Assistance to talks on sport and health (depending on the available places).

Cooperation and Social Action

  • Participation in awareness activities.
  • Support in the organization of awareness, solidarity and incidence activities.
  • Training in international development cooperation.
  • Participation in the Program "Collaborate in an International Cooperation project".
  • Participation in the convocation of the URV Solidarity Committee for internal development cooperation projects aimed at the members of the University Community.
  • Advice on projects and associations seeking volunteers (Volunteer Office).

Leisure, cultural and educational activities

  • URV cultural groups.
  • Choir, Orchestra and Choral Society.
  • Cinema Group.
  • Workshops and activities organized by the Theatre Group.
Networks (under construction)  
Advantages and discounts (under construction)