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University Master's degree in General Health Psychology

*No places available for 2017-2018 course

The master’s degree provides students with professional training in the evaluation and treatment of psychpathological and health problems. The training takes its inspiration from the practicing scientific model, which argues that effective professional training involves the acquisition of both practical (applied) and research competences. The master's degree has been designed to provide applied and advanced training across a range of core concepts, procedures, techniques and approaches that enable students to work as professionals in the field of General Health Psychology. The master's degree content also aims to provide basic and applied research training and the critical and reflective capacities which are essential to improving professional practice. 

Universtiy Master's degree in General Health Psychology
Duration 90 ECTS - 1 year and a half
Track Professional and research
Type Face-to-face
Timetable 17:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday, until the conclusion of the theory classes; the practicals timetable is set by the faculty/school and is normally between 8:00/9:00 and 15:00 (subject to variation). 
Work placement Compulsory: 30 credits in total, divided into 12 for the first year and 18 for the second.
Language of instruction Spanish and Catalan
Places available 40

Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology

Affiliated doctoral programme Health, Psychology and Psychiatry
Start and finish dates of teaching From 2 October 2017 to 22 June 2018
There is one single exam session for the Master's  Final Project and one for the Practicals (for each of the subjects worth 12 and 18 credits).
Number of exam sessions for final master's project  Single exam session
Number of exam sessions for practicals (evaluation)  Single exam session
Academic coordination Dr. Jordi Miró
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