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Economic information about the URV master’s degrees

The URV is a public university, so the prices of the university master's degrees are set every year in June by the Catalan government.

To calculate the price of a master's enrolment you must take into account the number of credits - normally 60 ECTS credits per full-time course, or between 20 and 46 if you study part time. To this you should add the taxes and the compulsory insurance, which amount to approximately €150.

The completion of the masters' degrees of 90 and 120 ECTS lasts more than an academic year. For this reason, the second year of master you have to enroll the remaining credits, in most cases, 30 or 60, respectively and pay the fees and the mandatory insurances.

The price per credit set by the Catalan government is €46. However, there are some master’s degree with special prices.

  • Consult the exact cost of each type of ECTS and the economic items which are included in the enrolment

The pre-enrolment fee is €30,21 (non-returnable), which is not discounted from the final cost of enrolment.

If you are required to do any Bridging courses, remember that they count as extra credits, on top of the 60 ECTS, and should therefore be added to the total cost of the enrolment.

Students with foreign qualifications: In your first enrolment fee, you will be charged the Academic tax for university graduates from foreign education systems, set by the Catalan government at €218,15€.

Payment of enrolment fees

Generally speaking payment is made at the same time as you do the enrolment. However, there are other forms of payment that may help you to pay the fees more comfortably.

There are a variety of situations - such as students from large families or who are handicapped - in which students are exempted from paying enrolment fees.

You may be able to get a URV collaboration grant, which will give you some income and help you pay for the cost of the master's degree.

Consult the calls for collaboration grants

*Prices for the academic year 2017-18.