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Extended Campus

The URV’s extended campus (EC) is a strategic project that is part of the university’s third mission: that is to say, along with other institutions and the driving forces of regional development, the URV is committed to developing the local region from the more cultural aspects to the socioeconomic ones.

In keeping with its commitment to the territory and in order to bring knowledge closer to people, the project aims to understand the needs of each territory and contribute to their progress by creating a network of knowledge antennas (AC). Each antenna is the responsibility of a professional who is familiar with its surrounding social and economic fabric.

The extended campus project has the full support of the local councils, which provide premises for the University to house the antennas and carry out their activity, and is funded by the Provincial Council of Tarragona. It should be pointed out that the Ramon Muntaner Institute facilitates contact between the university, the city councils and study centres.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of URV, the URV's extended campus (EC) organize an activity in collaboration with the "Càtedra Josep Anton Baixeras de Patrimoni Literari Català". This activity has an literary-artistic thematic carried around St. George's day (23rd of April) in all the 13 towns that make up the extended campus project.