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Master's degrees > Erasmus Mundus Master's degree in Transitions and Innovations in Enotourism (WINTOUR)

Erasmus Mundus Master's degree in Transitions and Innovations in Enotourism (WINTOUR) - 8th edition

120 ECTS
Places available
Language of instruction

Mondays to Fridays

Course date

First academic year: from September to July

Second academic year: from September to July

Academic coordinator
Dra. Gemma Beltran
URV Faculty
Faculty of Oenology (URV)
Faculty of Tourism and Geography (URV)
  • Institute for Vine and Wine Sciences - ISVV (UBx)
  • Faculty of Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Humanities / Faculty of Economics (UP)

€6,000 per academic year for students from the EU and third countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme.
€8,000 per academic year for students from third countries not associated to Erasmus+ programme.

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Student Office
(+34) 977 77 99 44

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Universidade do Porto
  • Université de Bordeaux

The International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation (WINTOUR) offers a truly integrated study programme which combines the expertise in Tourism and Oenology of three universities and regions:

  • Rovira i Virgili University (URV, Spain)

  • University of Bordeaux (UB, France)

  • University of Porto (UP, Portugal).

These universities are located in highly attractive touristic areas, recognised with the label of human heritage by UNESCO, and with a long tradition on wine, producing speciality wines, such as sparkling, fortified, aged red and sweet wines. The training programme is clearly multidisciplinary and also multisectorial.

The objectives of the International Master's Degree in Transitions and Innovations in Wine Tourism are as follows:

  • To train highly adaptable and qualified professionals in wine tourism, who can drive innovative, digital, sustainable and inclusive development.

  • To provide multidisciplinary and multisectorial knowledge and training to improve skills and competencies in sustainable winemaking, wine tourism management, and wine culture and heritage.

  • To promote innovative, digital and sustainable development in the wine tourism industry with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage of wine-growing regions.

  • To use internships in the non-academic sector for high quality practical training in entrepreneurship and business management.

  • To guarantee the effective integration and networking of students within the sociocultural and professional environment of the places where they receive their training, promoting equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity.

  • To encourage the full alignment of wine tourism professionals with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The International Master's Degree in Transitions and Innovations in Wine Tourism is the continuation and extension of the Master's Degree in Wine Tourism Innovation. The content has been updated with key aspects for the development of the sector. The degree still teaches the modules on wine tourism and marketing, wine culture and heritage, and wine making and still organises internships, but they are now more international and focus on sustainability and digitization. An interdisciplinary complement has also been added to reinforce the skills students require for their professional development throughout the two academic years.

The master's degree consists of 120 ECTS credits divided into two academic years in four semesters: 90 common ECTS credits and 30 ECTS credits for the master's degree final thesis:

  • First semester, first year: Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain), 30 ECTS.

  • Second semester, first year: Université de Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France), 30 ECTS.

  • Third semester, second year: Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal), 30 ECTS.

  • Fourth semester, second year: internship and master's degree final project in Tarragona, Bordeaux or Porto, 30 ECTS.

Master's degree in wine tourism

Participating universities

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain) (coordinating university)
  • Université de Bordeaux (France)
  • Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Collaborating Institutions

Freixenet, Codorniu, Bodegas Miguel Torres, COVIDES, Priorat Enoturisme, Gran Cruz Porto, Lavradores da Feitoria, Cité des Civilizations du Vin, Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB), Universidad de La Rioja, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Università di Padova, Università di Torino, Instituto Nacional de Investigaçao Agrária e Vetérinaria, I.P. (INIAV), Science and Technology Park of Tourism and Leisure (PCT) and Technology Park of Wine (VITEC)