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University Master's Degree in Environmental Law - 18th edition

University Master's Degree in Environmental Law

Academic information

Online teaching organisation

Teaching and learning methodology based on e-learning

The Master's Degree has no timetables or final exams. The teaching methodology is based on active learning and on supporting the student through e-learning.

That is, teaching staff act as mentors and learning guides who combine different forms of learning, information and knowledge using their own electronic and other open access resources.


Assessment consists of different online activities (practical cases, questionnaires, oral presentations, etc.) that students must successfully complete during each four-month subject.

All of this is designed to ensure maximum flexibility so that anyone can combine their studies with other professional, work and family commitments in any country around the world.

Simultaneous studies

You can study simultaneously for the master's degree in Legal Practice and Legal Representation and other studies of Faculty of Law at master's degree level, which allows to a legal specialization, and obtain two official master's degrees. Check the benefits and information regarding the simultaneous programme offered by Faculty of Law Sciences (information available in Spanish).

External practices

Compulsory, face-to-face or online, in the second term of the second course. They may be international.

Master's degree final project

Defence calls: June and September.


Optional. Visiting other universities, research centres, non-governmental organizations and other international institutions involved in environmental protection. In particular, the master's degree reinforces international mobility by encouraging international work experience.

Check the list of mobility agreements.


Programme's dashboard

More information regarding the quality assurance of the degree (information in Spanish).

More information

Official record of titles (RUCT)

Specific grants

The CEDAT grants to cover tuition fees

Josep M. Prats Canut Aids

URV Master's Grants

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