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MEMTEC - Materials, Membrane and Encapsulation Technology

MEMTEC's mission is to generate knowledge and develop new products and new technologies in the fields of membranes, encapsulation, catalysis and sustainable process engineering. Beyond the scientific approach, MEMTEC has a strong motivation to provide technological service to companies and institutions in our regional, national and international environment.

The strategic areas that MEMTEC addresses are:

- Green chemistry (CO2 capture, water decontamination, biomass recovery).

- Sustainable and renewable energy, energy efficiency (hydrogen production, conversion of CO2 to fuels, fuel cells).

- Medicine (drug release, innovative cancer treatments, advanced infection diagnosis).

- Agriculture and bio-food industries and personal consumption products (encapsulation of active ingredients, innovative formulations).

MEMTEC has three main lines of knowledge: the technology and microtechnology of membranes and microcapsules, their application in the engineering of processes with membranes, the design and preparation of "on-demand" polymeric materials.

Our experience includes: the preparation and controlled obtaining of different types of flat polymeric membranes and microcapsules, the selection and use of commercial membranes (if applicable) to carry out / advise / propose membrane separation engineering processes, or fouling problems; the morphological and physicochemical characterization of the membranes obtained by means of various microscopic and computer techniques, solute transport and mechanical methods, among others, the design of units (modules or membrane cells), structured microunits and processes, based on computational modeling; the application, systematic study, simulation and optimization of specific processes, and last but not least, the creation of software and other products of technological application and / or scientific dissemination (adapted to the level of knowledge of the receiving public) applied to the above scientific areas or fields. One of the lines of research focuses specifically on the catalytic production of hydrogen from wastewaters.

MEMTEC's technology transfer activity contributes to the growth of technological excellence in a large number of companies and various economic sectors, both at the regional, national and international levels. Industries of focus are: chemical (purification / separation of final products), pharmaceutical (integrated synthesis and separation processes), food (wastewater treatment), textile and those linked to renewable energies and energy efficiency (fuel cells, batteries) and / or sustainable development (seawater desalination plants), and the biotechnology, micro and nanotechnology (micro and nanocapsules with controlled release of drugs and cosmetics).

Business services: Study and implantation of membrane systems, development of new materials (development of specific membranes, selection of commercial membranes, process monitoring, advice on the implantation of a membrane system).

Web: https://memtec.recerca.urv.cat/en/