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Code of good practices in research

In general codes of good scientific practice comprise a series of rules, recommendations and commitments that must be observed by scientific staff, research centres, organisations awarding research grants and scientific societies with the aim of ensuring research quality and integrity. Codes of good scientific practice are complementary, rather than substitute, the current legal regulations. Specifically, codes of good scientific practice bring together and ratify the unwritten rules that are traditionally followed by the scientific community.

In accordance with the Statute of the URV, research is essential to the university as it forms the basis of its teaching and is means for ensuring the progress of society. The Universitat Rovira i Virgili promotes the advance of knowledge by training researchers in basic and applied research and encourages the transfer of knowledge, technology and innovation to society.

The URV must strive to ensure the quality and efficiency of its research. The institution must also guarantee that all of its R+D+I activities are carried out in accordance with the current legislation and put in place a series of good scientific practices. The Code of Good Practices in Research, Research Training, Development and Innovation of the URV is designed to achieve these aforementioned objectives.