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University Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law - 14th edition

University Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law

Academic information


You can choose from one of the following subjects and specialities:

  • Work experience subject for the professional pathway.
  • Methodological Contributions to Legal Thought subject for the research pathway.

Online teaching organisation

The master's degree is taught in four blocks of subjects that are divided into:

  • Three semesters for the compulsory subjects, from October to May.
  • A fourth block that is reserved for the internship (Work Experience) and master's thesis subjects.

The degree can also be studied part-time.

Online teaching takes place through the Moodle platform.

There are no physical exams to attend, all assessment activities are conducted online.

Simultaneous studies

You can study simultaneously for the master's degree in Legal Practice and other studies of Faculty of Law at master's degree level, which allows to a legal specialisation, and obtain two official master's degrees. Check the benefits and information regarding the simultaneous programme offered by Faculty of Law Sciences (information available in Spanish).

External practices

The academic work experience is adapted to your professional interests, which are taken into account when deciding which entity you will be placed in. Thus, the period during which you undertake the internship can also be adapted depending on your availability.

Many legal firms, companies and other entities receive our master's degree students on internships.

You must bear in mind that the Academic Work Experience subject is face-to-face.

Work experience coordination: Dr Roser Casanova Martí.

Master's degree final project

Defence calls: June or September.


Optional. There are research stays. 

Check the list of mobility agreements.


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