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How to enrol in a master's degree step by step

You can pre-enrol for university master's degrees for the 2022-23 academic year from 15 February 2022. You can consult the calendar.

Before beginning the pre-enrolment, bear in mind the following:

  • To pre-enrol you must pay a non-returnable fee of €30,21. This fee must be paid with a debit or credit card. Your pre-enrolment is only valid once you have paid this fee.
  • Once you confirm your pre-enrollment, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to upload your access documentation through your on-line pre-enrolment area.
  • If you are admitted in 1st or 2nd phase and you want to ensure that you get a place, you have to reserve it by making an advanced payment of €400 which will be discounted from the rest of your registration fees.

The following master's degrees have a specific pre-enrolment calendar: