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Payment advanced to reserve a place on the master's degree

For the first time this academic year, a system has been put in place to enable students who have been admitted on academic grounds to reserve their place by paying part of their registrations fees in advance (€400), which will then be deducted from the full cost of registration.

The University's Bachelor's and Master's Degree Registration Regulations specifies the conditions regarding this advanced payment in its articles 3 and 18. The following is a brief summary.

Admission on academic grounds does not mean that you have a place reserved. People who have been admitted are informed that they must pay a deposit in advance to reserve their place on the course. For the 2021-22 admissions process, this deposit is €400. People who pay the deposit reserve their place and must then register during the registration period specified for each admission phase.

People admitted who are waiting for the certificate of the qualification that gives them access to the master's course cannot register until they have received it or can demonstrate that they have paid for it. Students who are admitted as pre-registered in the first and second phase and who find themselves in this situation may exceptionally be allowed to register at the end of September if they can accredit their qualification during that period. Students who are waiting for their bachelor's degree certificates and have not been able to obtain them by September, and who have paid to reserve a place, may request for their place to be reserved for the following academic year.

The payment of €400 will be deducted from the registration fees and must be made within 10 calendar days after the invoice has been generated. This amount will not be refunded if the student finally decides not to register for the master's degree, except for those master's candidates who need to attend their course in person and who can prove that they have been denied the necessary visa.

Exempt from advanced payment are any students who can demonstrate that they meet certain conditions that give them the right to a 100% discount on public fees for academic services, including the administrative taxes (they must meet these conditions by 27 September when academic activity commences).

Also exempt from the advanced payment are international students who can provide documents showing that they have applied for a grant in their country of origin in order to study for the master's degree and who are waiting for the outcome of their application.

Candidates in this situation must upload the accrediting documentation for their application to the document manager and then inform the Coordinator so that the exemption can be evaluated and authorized, if necessary.

If the student is eligible for an exemption from registration fees and if they have paid any amount to reserve their place, when the registration process is completed, they must be refunded any amount that they have paid.

People who are admitted on academic grounds in the first and second phase who have not paid the deposit to reserve their place will remain admitted but without a place reserved. These people may register with the approval of the master's degree coordinator providing that there are vacant places and their formally required documentation is in order.

The advanced payment described in this article and article 18 is not available to:

-Students on the European Master's Degree in Wine Tourism (Wintour).
-Students on the Master's Degree in Training for Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education and Upper Secondary Education, Professional Training and Language Teaching.
-Candidates admitted in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth phases, provided that these pre-registration phases are opened up due to places remaining vacant in previous phases. This applies to all master's degrees.