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How to enrol in a master's degree step by step

Your application and documentation will be reviewed to determine whether you should be admitted to the master's programme.

You will receive an email informing you:

  • If you have been admitted:
    • You will receive information about the status of your documentation and its compliance with the requirements via the online document manager.
    • You will be able to apply for a student visa to study at the URV. You can find a guide on how to apply here.
    • If you have already submitted all the required documentation, you will receive information on the enrolment process according to your pre-enrolment phase. You can consult the calendar here.
  • If you have been excluded:
    • You will receive information about the reason for your exclusion.
    • If are still interested in studying on this or any other master's degree course, you will have to repeat the pre-enrolment process, although the success of your application will depend on the availability of a place. You can consult the calendar here.

In the document manager you can check your admission status. For more information about this status visit here.