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Cito, Salvatore

Cito, Salvatore 

Dr. Cito got: a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University Roma la Sapienza in 2004, a master degree in Microfabrication and Nanfabrication at the Universiat Rovira I Virgili (URV) in 2007, and he completed his PhD thesis at the Bioengineering and Bioelectrochemistry group (BBG) of Universitat Rovira I Virgili (URV) in 2010. In his PhD thesis, he developed mathematical models for processes involved in microfluidics and bioanalysis tools. After his PhD defense, he spent, two years as Post-doc at the Center for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona), and two years at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology of the University of Helsinki as senior researcher. Nowadays, he hold an associate professor position at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of URV. He is mainly interested in the study of fluid mechanics applied to complex fluids including rheological and interfacial phenomenon of biofluids.

Project: Rheological study of droplet formation in biofluids

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-18



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