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Service Learning Experiences in Telematic Engineering

Final project - Methodological strategies in the learning of children with Asperger's

  • Coordination: Maria Ferré Bergadà (maria.ferre(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Asperger's Association of the Camp de Tarragona.
  • Summary: The work proposal arises from the first edition of the Social Marketplace held in Reus. In the 2014/2015 academic year, an interdisciplinary project was promoted to seek solutions to the challenges that children with Asperger's pose, working from different fields of knowledge: the Degree in Psychology, the Master's Degree in Educational Technology: e-Learning and Knowledge and the Master's Degree in Teacher Training in Secondary Education. The main problem of children with Asperger's comes from the fact that most of the activities they carry out in schools are designed for neurotypical children. The objective of the interdisciplinary project was to provide methodological adaptation strategies that use new technologies and that allow the improvement of the learning of children with Asperger's. In the specific case of the work to be carried out by the telematics student, the definition, design and implementation of a game-type computer application that allows motivating and/or rewarding the child who manages to do their homework was addressed.