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The registration form is generated when the registration process is completed. This document proves that you are registered and we recommend that you keep a copy of it.

If you register via the Online Registration platform, the registration document will open in your browser and you will be able to save and/or print off your registration receipt in PDF format. If you do not print the form at this point, you may still do so during the following five days by entering the Online Registration platform. After these five days, you can find the form in the "My payments" section. If, however, your registration has been carried out on your behalf by the URV, when your registration is confirmed you will be sent a link to "My payments" where you can obtain you registration form.

The registration form shows the academic supervision, the associated fees, the insurance costs, the voluntary services and the total amount. It also includes the payment periods, the discounts applied and information on personal data protection.

There are different types of receipts, depending on the chosen method of payment:

  • Direct debit

Your receipt is for information purposes only and notifies you the payment due or the deadline, as the case.

  • Cash receipt

It generates a receipt with a bar code. You have to make the payment in person by going to a branch of any of the banks indicated or doing the payment by on-line bank or electronic bank; you have the necessary bank details to do it (issuing bank, reference, identification and amount) at the bar code at the bottom of the registration receipt. The ”My payments” platform also allows you to pay by card.

  • Credit card

You have to pay on-line at the moment of registration stating the card number, the expiry date and the security code. The card must be associated with an account that has sufficient funds to pay the corresponding fee.

  • AGAUR loan (FINAN programme)

Your receipt is for information purposes only.