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Master's degrees > University Master's Degree in Tourist Destination Management

University Master's Degree in Tourist Destination Management - 9th edition

Career opportunities

Graduates in the University master's degree in Tourist Destination Management are capable of working in:

Field 1:

Planner and Strategic Manager of Tourist Destinations; Manager of Destinations; Manager of Destination Development and Quality Plans; Director of Destination Programmes and Technician for Tourism Planning

Field 2:

Corporate Director of Organisations, Manager of Non-Profit Organisations in Tourism; Director of Business Tourism Group (hotel chain, intermediation, leisure corporations, ...); Director of Tourism Company and Director of Tourism Division in a Business Group

Field 3:

Director of Tourism Product; Manager of Specific Products and Technician for Tourism Product Development

Field 4:

Operational Director; Director of Information, Promotion and Tourism Commercialisation; Director of Product in an Organisation; Director of Management Areas.

Field 5:

Director of Marketing and Digital Marketing; Director of Tourism Promotion and Commercialization; Director of Tourism Destination Branding; Director of Tourism Information, Promotion and Commercialization.

The research fields that the master's degree tries to cover are the following:

Field 1:

R+D+I manager; Consultant/Adviser and Analyst

Field 2:

Professor/Research Assistant; Professors who teach tourism at different levels with a strong international perspective and Researchers accredited by the academic structure, doctors

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