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University Master's Degree in Management of Tourism Destinations - 6th edition

University Master's Degree in Management of Tourism Destinations

Academic information


There are two specialisations taught in the second semester:

  • Management and Governance of Destinations: in English
  • Marketing and Branding of Destinations: in Spanish

Online teaching organisation

Temporarily, during the 2021-22 academic year students will be offered the chance to follow classes online or blended. We might move face-to-face classes to an online format if the latest developments in the health emergency make this necessary.

From October to December, that is, during the online period, there are weekly classes per subject. Each live class lasts one hour, is conducted live via the virtual campus of the URV and is recorded. They are recorded so that students can watch them whenever and as often as they need to.

By January, the assessment of each online subject is carried out via the delivery of research papers, tests and individual exams on the virtual campus (Moodle). In January, individual tests are carried out to verify the identity of each student and their progress in each subject.

Classes from January to April are face-to-face except for the academic course 2021-22 when they are offered face-to-face and online so that students are given the possibility to choose. Students have to follow these classes from 16 to 20:30 h as they are not registered.

External practices

Internships are an optional subject available for both online and face-to-face. They can be made at the Tourism Board, in cultural facilities, tourism companies... which may be national or international, meaning the student can do it in their country of origin.

The Faculty of Tourism and Geography has a long tradition in managing the internships of their students. Visit the Faculty’s website to get more information about the external practices (information in Spanish).

Master's degree final project

The master's final project is submitted in June or September. Visit the Faculty’s website to read more about the final master’s project (information in Spanish language).

Access to the Master's degree final project repository.


Optional. Check the list of mobility agreements.

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