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University Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences Research - 13th edition

University Master's Degree in Nursing Sciences Research

Academic information

Online teaching organisation

The Moodle virtual campus is used, which at the beginning of each year provides each student with:

  • A weekly planner
  • The syllabus
  • The study materials and concept maps for each subject.
  • Self-assessment tests and continuous assessment activities.

The lecturers schedule livestreamed sessions or classes, by videoconference, which are also recorded so that students can view them later if they have not been able to connect during the livestream.


In general, students are assessed for each subject by continuous assessment (assignments, debates, problem solving, etc.), self-assessment tests, participation in the discussion forum, videoconferences and other tasks. Validation tests are held at the end of each subject to verify the student's authorship of the work and/or tasks that they have previously submitted. These tests are also carried out by videoconference, through the online space provided for each subject.

Periodic assessment tests (exam-type) are held for the subject Quantitative Research and Analysis. These take place by videoconference on the virtual campus.

The subject Research and Quantitative Analysis requires periodic evaluation tests (exam type) by livestreamed videoconference, on the virtual campus.

External practices

The Internship subject (3 ECTS) takes place in the second semester.

It consists of a series of activities that focus on action- and experience-based learning to help students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary in nursing research.

If you have professional experience and meet the requisites, you can request that this subject be recognised. During the individual tutorial before registration, the academic coordinators inform students on how this recognition works and on the internship options

Master's degree final project

Unique call: June or September.

Assessment of the Master's Thesis will also take place online via videocall on the virtual campus. However, if a student prefers it may be carried out face-to-face at the Catalunya Campus, this must be arranged with the master's and/or subject coordinator.

Guide to the Master’s Thesis project of Faculty of Nursing.

Access to the Master's degree final project repository.


Optional. Check the list of mobility agreements.


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