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Master's degrees > University Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

University Master's Degree in General Health Psychology - 10th edition


This Master's degree is aimed at graduates with official university degrees in Psychology. Furthermore, individuals with Spanish qualifications dated after CNU/1309/2018 and individuals with foreign qualifications must have passed 90 ECTS credits in the ambit of health psychology.

Specific Documentation

To pre-register, you must present the general compulsory documentation and, if you have obtained the qualification of Psychologist from outside Spain, you must present a letter of presentation with a list of all the subjects that you have passed in the ambit of health psychology.

Optionally, you can present the following documentation:

  • Accreditation of related professional experience.
  • Accreditation complementary training related to the content of the master's degree (other master's or postgraduate qualifications).

Selection criteria

Selection is based on the weighted average of the academic transcript of the qualification that provides you with access to the master's degree. If there is a tie, the following criteria will apply:

  1. Demonstrated professional experience in the ambit of the psychology: maximum 10 points (1 point per year worked).
  2. Complementary master's or postgraduate training related to the ambit of general health psychology: maximum 5 points (1 point per training course).

The academic committee reserves the right to request any additional documentation that it may need to verify the skills and qualifications listed on the student's curriculum vitae.

Student Office
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