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Annual evaluation of doctoral students

After completing the registration process, doctoral students will have access to their personal activities document adapted to the deadlines established in the schedule.

The doctoral student will use this document to record all activities relevant to their development, in accordance with academic committee of the doctoral programme.

Doctoral students must draft and submit a research plan during the academic year in which they are admitted on the programme and first register for academic tuition.

The plan can be improved and completed throughout the programme, and it must be approved by the supervisor(s) of the thesis, and by the tutor, if necessary.

The academic committee of the doctoral programme sets the calendar, the contents and the specific requirements of the plan (which are, at least, the methodology, the objectives, the resources and a schedule for drafting the thesis.

The research plan must be submitted before the end of the first year and before the annual deadline for evaluation, in accordance with schedule.

  • Doctoral students registered during the ordinary period (1st and 2nd phase)

The first exam session is in April 2021 and the second exam session is in June. The academic committee of the doctoral programme will evaluate each doctoral student:
- The research plan.
- The doctoral student activities document.
- The thesis supervisor's and thesis tutor's reports, if appropriate.

Students must receive a favourable evaluation in order to continue on the doctoral programme and register for the following year.

If they are evaluated negatively, the doctoral student must undergo a second evaluation, which will take place in June 2021. They must create a new research plan for this exam session.

  • Doctoral students registered during the extraordinary period

The exam sessions for these students will be:

  · 1st evaluation  → June 2021
  · 2nd evaluation  → September 2021

Doctoral students must undergo their evaluations at the times established on the schedule.