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Valeria Ferreira Gregorio

PhD Programme

Economics and Business 

Research group

MARFINAN - Mercats i Anàlisi Financera


Antonio Terceño Gómez & Laia Pié Dols


Valeria Ferreira studied Accounting at the University of the Republic in Uruguay. She did her Master in Business Administration and Management at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. She has been dedicated to research for more than one year. She is specialized in bioeconomy, circular economy, ecological economics and environmental issues. She is part of the research group Market & Financial Analysis of the URV, and she is teaching the subject Mathematics of financial operations.

Project: Multisectoral models applied to the analysis of the Bioeconomy in Spain

The focus of this thesis is the bioeconomy in Spain. The aim is to analyse the contribution of each of the bioeconomy products, enabling us to identify those that are strategic in terms of generating wealth and employment. For this purpose, the symmetric bioeconomy social accounting matrix with basic prices for Spain for the year 2010 was constructed, from which we were able to obtain a descriptive analysis of the Spanish bioeconomy and to apply it to multisectoral linear models and various analysis techniques classified within the traditional and hypothetical extraction methods.

The results are useful to study the structure and linkages between sectors, providing information on the capacity of each bioeconomy account to generate income or increase employment in the rest of the economy, and explaining how the rest of the economy would be affected by their hypothetical extraction. This study enabled us to specify the most suitable accounts that will drive the development of the bioeconomy and economic growth. This type of information is important, especially for policy makers in decision-making processes relating to plans and investments whose objective is the promotion of the Spanish Bioeconomy.