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Karen Hall

PhD Programme

Anthropology and Communication

Research group

Grup d'Investigacions en Antropologia


Blanca Deusdad 


Karen Hall obtained her BA in Disability Studies from Ryerson University, Canada. Then she proceed on the journey to fulfill her Master’s degree in Education from Walden University, USA. After the master, she worked as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and Humanities of the University of Guyana. Prior to completing her master’s studies, she worked in the public administration of her country, Guyana: as an Special Education specialist in the Ministry of Education, and as a programme officer in the National Commission on Disablity. 

Project: Co-creation of public services: drivers, mechanisms of citizens engagement and social inclusion

Co-creation of public services in Europe is present predominantly in marketing, education, healthcare and policy sectors. In this sense, the policy area addressed by SoCaTel, is on the boundary between a policy sector where co-creation has already been introduced (Healthcare) and one where co-creation is still very much an emerging approach (social services). The project will compare the impact of co-creation on LTC services in different political configurations and different methods of social intervention.