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Giuseppe D'Amico

PhD Programme

Economics and Business 

Research group

GRODE – Grup de Recerca en Organització i Decisió Econòmica


Ricardo Flores Fillol & Bernd Theilen


Giuseppe D'Amico holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Tor Vergata, Roma. He has a strong interest for Economics, Sociology, Mathematics and Game Theory. He started his PhD in November 2017 and in his work he aims to study consumer bounded rationality affects firm optimal strategies.

Project: Essay on transportation economics

This work aims to analyse the transportation system when changes in the economic environment arise. Being aware of the complexity of this industry due to its intrisic transverse nature, the research is focused on the study of optimal policies and managerial implications when standard economic assumptions about consumer rationality and complete information do not hold.