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Benjamin Steinegger

PhD Programme

Computer Science and Mathematics of Security

Research group

Algorithms embedded in physical systems


Alex Arenas Moreno & Clara Granell Martorell


Benjamin Steinegger obtained his bachelor's degree in physics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). During his master in theoretical physics at EPFL he was able to visit the Alephsys Lab of Alex Arenas. The research stay lead to his master thesis entitled “Harnessing disease spreading through voluntary vaccination. A co-evolutionary perspective”. The thesis analyzed the voluntary vaccination uptake through a blend of game theory and epidemiological models. Eventually, he was able to extend his stay in the Alephsys Lab at the URV, where he is working now as a PhD student.

Project: Innovation and diffusion of ideas in multilayer networks

Society evolves through technological and cultural innovations. New ideas diffuse through various channels as for example media outlets or more recently social networks. Furthermore, the media coverage influences the topics in social media and vice versa. In other words, the different channels are in constant feedback with each other, which is a paradigmatic example of a complex system. In this project, we will investigate the spreading of ideas by using the framework of multilayer networks. We will focus on how the different layers/channels interact with each other and which conditions enables ideas to spread. For this analysis we will mix mathematical modeling with numerical simulations.