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Alireza Zare

PhD Programme

Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering

Research group

MEMTEC - Materials, Membrane and Encapsulation Technology


Marta Giamberini & José Antonio Reina Lozano


Alireza Zare graduated in Chemistry at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) of Tehran, Iran. His thesis was titled "Synthesis of polyimide/functionalized graphene-ionic liquid Nano composite membranes and synthesis of polyimide/sulfonated hyperbranched polyimide for using in polymer membrane fuel cells". Alireza worked as a research assistant in the Central Laboratory at the AmirKabir University of Technology. He contributed to several research projects.

Project: Proton Transport membranes based on novel polymeric columnar materials

The aim of his research is investigate the membranes based on self-assembling columnar polymers which lead to the formation of biomimetic ionic channels. These channels contain basic atoms (oxygen or nitrogen) to interact with protons, thus allowing their transport across the membrane. His research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of columnar polymers as well as the preparation and assessment of PEMs.