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Service Learning Experiences in the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

Information design

  • Coordination: Antoni Pérez-Portabella (antonio.perezportabella(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organizations: Associacions de Veïns de Reus Federation, Associacions de Veïns de Tarragona Federation.
  • Summary: In this group-practice programme, students liaise with residents associations in Reus and Tarragona to analyze their problems, explain them to town hall representatives and explore avenues for new solutions. Students use several methods and channels to increase their ability to interpret, produce and transmit messages effectively for different audiences. One of the two final work-experience programmes encompasses all the tools and techniques for presenting information that students have been introduced to, including diagrams, graphics, animations and maps. Over a six-week period, students carry out research, conduct interviews, and consult archives and other sources in order to generate a discourse strategy and produce graphical material that will be presented at an open symposium before a public audience. This activity aims to help students develop their social commitment and to acquire communication abilities for discourse construction, including how to structure a presentation, which strategies to use, how to use delivery and non-verbal communication techniques, and how to design materials. The learning environment is intended to provide students with sufficient pressure and motivation for them to prepare themselves appropriately for their presentation and to enable them to experiment and analyze how their message is received by a real audience.
  • You can listen to the experience in Tarragona Ràdio
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