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Service Learning Experiences in the Degree in History of Art

Heritage and society

  • Coordination: Anna Maria Isabel Serra (annaisabel.serra(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organizations:
    Academic year 2013-14: Alcover Town Council, Alcover Grup de Dones, Alcover Centre de dia, Casal Els Amics d'Alcover.
    Academic year 2014-15: Avies del Serrallo.
    Academic yeat 2015-16:Dones Ganxetes Association, Catalunya - La Pedrera Foundation, Gent Gran Activa.
  • Summary: This service learning experience was carried out during the academic year 2013/2014 in two different degrees: the pre-EHEA Degree in the History of Art (now discontinued) and the Bachelor's Degree in History of Art, where continues. Students on this course conduct interviews with seniors of villages. The service is an attempt to recover the town's historical memory through the collective knowledge of its senior citizens and the work they had done during their lifetimes. Students learn how these people lived many years ago-how, for example, they celebrated the town's popular festivals-and they discover little known aspects of the local gastronomy and local attitudes, etc. Using material provided by the senior citizens themselves (old photographs and other graphical documents), students prepare an exhibition that the whole town can enjoy.
  • You can listen to the experience in Tarragona Ràdio