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Procedure to follow after you have completed the online registration

Once the registration process has finished, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, you must:

Print the invoice

You are obliged to print and keep a copy of the registration invoice, which:

  • informs you of the consequences of non-payment.
  • informs you of the application of the Law of Data Protection.

It can be printed by clicking on my payments.

Check the registration details

The invoice contains information about what you have registered for.

The invoice gives information about the amount that has to be paid and the current account number that will be debited (if this is the form of payment that has been selected).

Personal details

If you have changed your address, you will be able to make the corresponding modification  during the online registration process: personal details section. You can check what information is currently provided here.

It is important to keep your details updated because the URV uses the information in the computer system to get in touch with you.


The URV provides all doctoral students who register with the following material:
- A folder
- A diary

Your faculty or school will tell you when you will be given this material.

Justification of exemption from paying tuition fees

If at the moment of registration, you were unable to prove your right to be exempt from paying tuition fees but you are now in a position to do so, please submit the required documentation to the Academic Management Service before the deadline set by the academic regulations and doctoral registration.

Types of exemption:

- Large family, victims of terrorism, victims of gender violence in the context of a couple, and a disability of at least 33%.