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University Master’s Degree in Technology and Engineering Management - 8th edition


The master's degree is designed for graduates in Chemical Engineering, Mechanics, Industry, Agriculture, Mine Physics, Industrial Automation and Electronics, Electrical, Biotechnology, Computer Science and related fields.

This Master is aimed at graduates with previous training in the field of Engineering, having thus previous knowledge in the field of economics and business and a solid education in basic subjects such as mathematics and statistics. Students must also to want to expand their previous technical knowledge with advanced knowledge on the management of technology companies, the areas of operation, management and exploitation of innovation and general economy.

This Master is also aimed at graduates in the fields of science, with screening technology and professional environments and strong tendency towards innovation. In this case, it is recommended that students take a number of additional training to ensure the homogeneity of the previous training of the students who attended the program.

Specific documentation required

As well as the compulsory general documentation required for pre-enrolment on the programme, you must also submit the following documents: 

  • Motivation letter/statement of intent for academic coordination.
  • Proof of competence in English (B2). Foreign candidates may be request to an additional assessment of their English knowledge.

Optionally, you can also submit:

  • Proof of Complementary training (courses, seminars or other training activities) related to the master's content and professional experience.
  • Proof of stays (at least 12 weeks), letters of reference or recommendation letters.

Selection criteria

1.Bachelor Degree  (up to a maximum of 30 points, on the basis of the following order)

a. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Architecture: up to a maximum of 30 points.

b. Bachelor's Degree in Science: up to a maximum of 25 points.

c. Other: 0 points.

2. Evaluation of the transcript of the official university degree that gives access to the master's programme: up to a maximum of 40 points. Applicants who have studied at a foreign university must submit the declaration of equivalence of their grade point average in compliance with the procedure described at the Spanish Ministry of Education website.

3. Competence in English, higher than the minimum level required (level B2). If you don't own a certificate, you will be asked to do an interview evaluating oral comprehension, writing and reading: up to a maximum of 15 points.

5. Stays (at least 12 weeks, proof must be provided), motivation, recommendation letters, personal interview: up to a maximum of 10 points.

However, if there is no shortage of places available, the admissions committee will admit you without ranking you in order of merit.

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